Garat Leather Tannery For six generations, the Garat tannery has been perpetuating a family tradition of vegetable tanned leather from the heart of the Basque country. The presence, nearby, of a large shoe-manufacturing centre at Hasparren, made it natural for my grandfather, Lucien GARAT to focus the tannery’s activity on sole leather and harnesses.

The tannery first of all served local clients, before expanding to cover the whole of France.  Building on its sound experience of vegetable tanning, the tannery diversified into other specialized areas of activity: leather for orthopaedic shoes and devices, saddle leather, leather for luxury leather goods and leather engineering.

I personally vouch for the firm’s motto “Tannin and Time” and for the undisputed quality of French leather.

The distinction recently awarded to us as a “LIVING HERITAGE ENTERPRISE” has confirmed the wisdom of our decision to devote our activity to the manufacture of high-quality, lasting and environmentally friendly products, thanks to which we are confident of achieving international renown.

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